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Honeycombe Hex wrap




What is Honeycomb bubble wrap?
Also known as geami paper, hex wrap, hexcell or Hivewrap. It represents the height of eco-friendly innovation, interlacing expert engineering with aesthetic presentation to create a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap. Comprised of hexagonal shaped cells, our honeycomb wrap eliminates the need for tape or glue by easily interlocking to firmly secure a wide range of products. It is crafted from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper. Go plastic-free with ease to enhance your green credentials and establish your brand as a forerunner in environmentally friendly initiatives. The natural brown hue carries further allusions towards eco-consciousness whereas our white version radiates pure modernity and is an exceptionally sleek option for a range of luxury goods.

What size is it available in and how do you use Honeycomb wrap?
our honeycomb wrap is available in rolls 380mm wide up to 250 metres in length with the ability to expand to over 3.2 meters. Used alongside a dispenser system, expertly engineered for speed and efficiency, along with our rolls of tissue paper for added aesthetics.

What products is honeycomb wrap suitable for?
The tessellating hexagon shape is renowned as one of the strongest structures there is, making honeycomb wrap perfectly adapted to protecting even fragile goods. Popular products that would benefit from honeycomb wrap include gifts, retail, cosmetics, homeware, confectionary and ceramics, though there is essentially no limit to the potential of this wrap. Anything which might previously have warranted the use of bubble wrap, can now be packaged with this sustainable alternative.

The expandable honeycomb construction boasts extreme flexibility and malleability, meaning that awkwardly shaped products can be neatly contained within a tight package. This reduces the size of a parcel, reducing postal costs, in addition to capably protecting handles, irregular edges and a range of unique components. Honeycomb wrap perfectly moulds around products, whether you intend to wrap individual items or larger bundles. By making tape and glue redundant, it is an extremely fast way of packing and intuitive to use, cutting both pack time and the chance of breakages.

Why should I swap bubble wrap for Honeycomb wrap?
Honeycomb wrap is superior to bubble wrap in terms of sustainability, strength, flexibility, space saving ability, speed of packing and cost.

Intrigued by the expandability, we tested the roll ourselves to see how much honeycomb wrap would be needed versus how much bubble wrap would be required to wrap the same volume of products. The result is that 1 roll of our 380mm honeycomb wrap equates to a staggering 4 rolls of individual 300mm x 100m bubble wrap. Hence, honeycomb wrap is not only providing huge costs savings but also conserving a colossal amount of storage space which can be a scarce resource for growing companies. That is a 35% cost saving, reducing space required by 20 times.

Benefits of honeycomb wrap:

*100% recyclable
*Highly protective meaning reduced breakages and returns
*Increased speed and efficiency of wrapping over traditional alternatives
*Clings to itself, requiring no tape or glue
*Easily torn by hand

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